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They made my day so much easier!

I had the reception package which included the bridal buffet, bar, hors d'oeuvres, linens, and all dinnerware.

The food was amazing and guests were able to have both entrées instead of just one. My guests loved the food. The caterers did an amazing job serving. They were very friendly and had everything set up to where it looked amazing.

Katie was very easy to talk to and work with. You can tell they are a family company because they are very caring. We may start using them to cater family events instead of cooking ourselves! I highly recommend using them.

Lake Lyndsay- Beach House
Jill Smith’s Wedding Reception

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Hilvers Catering Staff

What can I say... from the first phone call to the leftovers at the end of the evening-

We looked at other caterers that were cheaper at first. By the time we added the niceties that were included with Hilvers, Apples to Apples, we decided to go with Hilvers. You definitely get what you pay for! If you think going with another company because they are cheaper- yes they are in every way!

We knew that we didn't have to worry about them not showing up, or having anything other than top notch food. From the appetizers to the cutting of the cake, then boxing up the food that was left for us to take home. Unheard of! The bride and groom decided to go with the best with Caters and DJ. The were SO glad they did! The wait staff were so observant, they carried my mothers plate to her table, after holding it while she filled it. I was SO DARN PROUD! Hilvers is definitely someone I will and have already recommended to other moms planning weddings. I actually help organize weddings-so this was a great find!!! The very fact that the bar was staffed, prepped and included in the package was a huge load off our minds. We never had a doubt about using Hilvers at all! Everything the bride and groom wanted to offer their guests was part of their package. All for under $31.00 per head. KUDOS to Hilvers- they know what makes a great caterer- the ability to deliver great food, great service and awesome memories!

Lake Lyndsay- Beach House
Erin Arnett Wedding Reception

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Hilvers Catering

On June 1st. you catered our 50th Wedding Anniversary, which was 50 years to the day that your company catered our wedding in 1963.

Your servers did a wonderful job and were willing to stay even a little bit longer to cut our cake. Our celebration was outdoors and its outcome was quite "iffy" considering the threat of heavy storms but thanks to a lot of prayers everything turned out just fine.

The food was great & we got numerous compliments. Thanks to you & your servers for doing such a great job.

Lou & JoAnn Gatto

Gatto Residence
Lou & JoAnn Gatto  50th Wedding Anniversary

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Dear Katie and all Hilvers staff

I wanted to reach out and thank you for your services last night at our benefit dinner. It was a huge success, and we received many compliments regarding the quality of food and the service.

I want to personally thank you, on behalf of the Benefit Dinner Committee and myself, for working so closely with us. Your flexibility with us was wonderful, and I know that we were not the easiest clients.

The staff present at the event were very courteous and  helpful, and would like you to send them our personal thanks as well. They contributed to making our event such a rousing success.

In closing. I would like to say that, when we host similar events in the future, Hilver's is at the very top of our list of caterers.  In fact, if I have anything to say about it, Hilver's will be our catering partner for many years to come.

Best and warmest regards,

Gabe Brown
GlobeMed Benefit Dinner
Music Hall

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Testimonials & Reviews
Carved Beef Tenderloin
They catered our wedding reception and made it their mission to make sure everything went without a hitch.

They worked with our budget and provided the best option for us, they then reached out and expllained everything and continuously checked in with us during the time of planning, making our lives SO much easier. They served us at the wedding and assured we were well taken care of and cleaned up quickly.

I would recommend to everyone as they provide such a diverse selection.

Samantha M
Wedding Reception